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Meet Annette


Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I am a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and a Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Technician certified by Privé AcademyI've also been trained in Somatic Experiencing

for Trauma Healing and 

Acutonics and Frequency Therapy.

I am passionate about helping people find their optimal health and vast potential to

achieve what makes their heart smile. To me, there is nothing more precious than our health

and well-being. When our body functions at its best, that's when we can expect our mind to give

its most excellent performance as well.

If your health is in jeopardy because of the stress and busy life; if you need a little push or a little support to get into the flow of action and touch that place of calling, I’m here with you. I'm here to offer some treatments that have been scientifically proven to work and bring back balance to the system. I am here to serve you on your journey.

In my work, we will look deeply into the root cause of your health issues. We will find out what is there and what is missing. We will go through a process of discovery together to find that sweet spot for you to thrive, re-energize your body, reshape and carve new experiences of life just the way it feels more in-tune and aligned with your whole being.

I will design a bio-individualized health plan so that your body and mind can function at their greatest level for you to make beneficial and effective choices for your life.

I bring in different elements to my healing sessions. We will use the healing power of Music, Movement and Language to regenerate and invigorate.

I assure you that after working together you will find those sweet notes that you will play on the strings of your life with much more ease and prowess.

With Much Love,


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